April 8, 2016

5 Baby Products I'm Loving

Oh hey, it's Friday already. Or so my computer tells me...

5 baby products I'm loving

It's amazing the amount of baby products that are out there. I remember the first time we visited Babies R Us to register, it was like being a little kid in a candy store. So many cute outfits, innovative products and fancy gadgets! How's a pregnant woman to decide what's actually worth it and what's just for fun? We constantly had to ask ourselves what do we want vs. what do we absolutely need? 

The things we need are a constant work in progress, but at 3 weeks in to this whole mom & dad thing, we've definitely found some favourites that have made life with baby a little easier on all 3 of us. 

The list of favourite and most-used items will obviously vary from mom to mom, baby to baby and family to family, but here are the 5 baby products I'm loving lately...

5 baby products I'm loving

1  |  The Mommy Hook
Out and about with baby? Do you struggle to find space for your bags in your already loaded stroller? The Mommy Hook is a must have! This extra large carabiner, made from heavy duty aluminum, simply hooks onto the handle of your stroller and can easily be loaded with bags, giving you hands-free control. The Mommy Hook comes in a variety of colours. 

2  |  Carter's Zip-Up Sleepers
Since most of Baby Morley's time is spent eating, sleeping and pooping these days, she has been living in sleepers. With the chilly weather, my favourite have been the fleece zip-ups from Carter's. Carter's also has snap-up sleepers, but when you're exhausted and doing a midnight diaper change, possibly even in the dark, no one has time for snaps.  My husband is the king of speedy diaper changes, and I know he would agree - zipper is better. 

Tip: While Carter's sleepers are affordable to begin with, make sure to hit up the clearance racks, and don't forget to plan ahead for when baby is older. We found sleepers and other clothing items at a fraction ($3-$4 each!) on the clearance rack.

3  |  Sleep Sheep
Does your little one have trouble sleeping? With its hidden sound machine and 8 soothing sounds and melodies (mother's heartbeat, spring showers, ocean surf, whale songs, twinkle twinkle and more), the Sleep Sheep is the perfect companion to help soothe children to sleep. It has a convenient velcro strap to attach to the side of the crib and keep sleeping baby safe. Our apartment can be quite noisy during the day, so I love the Sleep Sheep because it helps drown out noise from outside, other apartments and even my moving around. 

4  |  aden + anais Swaddles
These swaddles are by far my favourite item. The muslin material is durable, breathable and light-weight, and can be used as a stroller cover, burp cloth, nursing cover and swaddle. Morley is not a fan of sleeping on her back, which, at first, made sleep time a bit difficult. We finally learned that swaddling her before bed helps tremendously, and mom and dad are very thankful for that. Swaddles come in a variety of prints. 

5  |  Boon NAKED Two-Position Collapsible Baby Bathtub
Bath time is not Morley's favourite, but the Boon NAKED Collapsible Bathub definitely makes it easier for us. NAKED is the perfect tub for infants to toddlers. Its one piece design makes transitioning between stages easy - reclining to cradle newborns and expanding for sitting babies and toddlers. With this tub, bath time can be easily given on any flat surface, which for us means the living room floor. When not in use, the tub folds flat for easy storage, and has a hook to hang. NAKED comes in blue and green.

Have you tried any of these products? What baby products do you recommend?

Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this post, I am simply sharing products I love. If any of these companies would like to provide product for review, I would definitely not be opposed. All opinions are 100% my own.

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