October 5, 2016

A Day in the Life of Morley & Mom

Between nap time, bath time, bed time, multiple feedings and trying to fit some "me time" in between, life as a new mom has me always watching the clock. While every day is different, and often dependent on the one before, let's take a walk through a typical day in the life of Morley and mom...

On a good morning, the stirring begins at 5:30AM, and since we're currently all cozily sharing one bedroom, we cannot hope it is a false alarm and that she falls back asleep. When I walk over the crib, I see these big blue eyes and goofy grin staring up at me, and the only thing I want to do is pick her up and give her a big kiss. We bring her into bed for some breakfast and morning cuddles with dad before he's off to work. 

By 7:00AM we're out of bed, for real this time. Its time to play for Morley, and for mom its time to eat breakfast and drink lots of coffee.

Around 9:00AM the flailing of limbs, eye rubbing and general crankiness begins. Time to clean up the amusement park of a living room and put the little lady down for nap #1. On a good morning, she'll sleep until 11:00AM(ish), which gives me the opportunity to get some cleaning, cooking and blog work done.

JORD Cora Maple & Silver women's wood watch
JORD Cora Maple & Silver women's wood watch

When 11:30AM hits, Morley better be strapped into her high chair with food on the way or all hell breaks loose. Lately, her favourites have been sweet potato, apple, pear and avocado. After lunch comes the tearing apart of the toy box.

By 1:00PMits time for nap #2. This is usually a shorter nap, but no less, time for me to attempt to get some things done around the apartment. She loves falling asleep to the lullaby renditions of Johnny Cash's greatest hits. 

JORD Cora Maple & Silver women's wood watch
JORD Cora Maple & Silver women's wood watch

With the hot and humid summer we just had, our mid afternoon walks were essentially non-existent. Now that the temperatures are getting cooler, we hit the trail behind our apartment for some fresh air around 2:30PM. Weather permitting, we usually go for an hour-ish walk along the Don River, and often will set up a blanket with some toys and snacks for a mid-afternoon picnic. Morley loves watching the squirrels and the bikers on the trail.

JORD Cora Maple & Silver women's wood watch
JORD Cora Maple & Silver women's wood watch

Morley is a good stroller sleeper, so chances are if we're out for a walk, by 3:30PM she'll take a quick cat nap. And by quick, I mean quick. Once that stroller stops moving, she's wide awake. She can't miss any of the action. We like to call it a 'fear of missing out'.

JORD Cora Maple & Silver women's wood watch

On a good night, Dad walks in the door shortly after 5:00PM, and mom starts to cook dinner. Morley eats around 5:30PM, which, like lunch, consists of either sweet potatoes, pear, avocado, apple, corn, peas or peaches. The girl can eat. 

7:00PM is one of our favourite times of the day because it usually means bath time! The little lady loves the water, and bath time is no exception. Since our bathroom is teeny tiny, we usually bring the bath tub to the living room. This also lets Morley watch baseball or hockey while getting a bath (talk about spoiled). We definitely have a little sports fan on our hands. 

After a little massage, bottle and some pre bedtime cuddles, sweet girl is out by 8:00PM. Mom and dad take the opportunity to watch the end of the game and unwind on the couch, preferably over a cold IPA or glass of chardonnay. We're not too picky. 

By 10:30PM, its lights out for all. Time to get some sleep and be ready to do it all over again in the morning (keeping in mind that a "non good day" means we're also up at 11:30pm and 2:00am).

Morley is growing up so so fast, that we need to make this time count. Now, thanks to JORD Wood Watches, I don't mind "watching the clock". Especially when the "watching" part means spending time with my baby girl and "the clock" part looks like JORD's Cora Maple & Silver women's watch.

JORD Cora Maple & Silver women's wood watch

I may not be huge into fashion but I can appreciate a cool watch when I see one, and I absolutely love JORD's Cora Maple & Silver! The icy silver tones of the unique watch face complement the straw-coloured maple band, making it suitable for all seasons and occasions. The combination of the wood band, sapphire crystal glass and swarovski crystal markers make this watch a definite conversation piece wherever you go. One of my favourite features is that the maple wood was sustainably harvested in North America and fits in beautifully with the Ontario landscape, making this nature lover extremely happy. While the combination of nature and technology is elegant, it is also durable, which is especially important when you have a little Captain Grabby Hands that needs to touch and taste everything.

JORD Cora Maple & Silver women's wood watch

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What does a day in the life look like for you? How do you keep track of the time?

*This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, but all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you JORD for the beautiful & unique watch! 

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