March 3, 2017

Battling the Bug: Our First Time

Number of full days of daycare completed: 10

Number of full days back to work: 7

Number of trips to the emergency room: 1

Never a dull moment.

Battling the Bug: Our First Time

I can still remember Morley's first day of daycare, walking into the room and seeing the other kids. Seeing the other kids laughing and having a good time. Seeing the other kids come over to Morley to check out the “new kid”. Seeing the other kids with snot pouring out of their noses… 

I had been warned, but I knew right then and there that Morley being sick would not be a once in a lifetime event, but more of a regular occurrence. 

Turns out, those snotty kids were a sign of things to come. Within just a few short days, she too had snot pouring from her nose. 

Battling the Bug: Our First Time

Let me tell you, dealing with a sick babe is one of the worst feelings for a new mom. You know they're sick and you know they're hurting, but they can't tell you what is wrong.

Was it just a cold that would pass, or was it something more? Should I take her to the doctor, or should I wait it out?

Initially I just brushed it off as a cold. There wasn’t a fever associated with the snot, so a trip to the doctor didn’t seem warranted. They probably would have sent us home anyways. 

It wasn't until after just my third day of work that I started to become a bit more concerned. She had developed a high fever. 

The questions in my head continued, and with a little help from my pal Google, I was able to get the answers I needed.

Was the onset sudden? Does your child have a high fever? Is your child's exhaustion level severe? Has your child's appetite decreased? Does your child have the chills?

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes all equal... the flu. 

And that's the boat I was in that Friday night. The babe with a normally (extremely) hearty appetite wasn’t even feeling her favourite cookies. The fever continued and became associated with the chills. Poor girl had started turning blue. Those questions in my head immediately turned to alarm bells and my mom gut knew something wasn’t right.

So, to the emergency room we went.

Battling the Bug: Our First Time

Turns out, not only did Morley have a high fever, decreased appetite and the chills, she also had an ear infection.

Poor girl has her mom’s ears. 

Like the snot dripping from her new friends' noses, I'm sure this too is just a sign of what's to come. 

Oh, the joys of daycare.

What are your tips and tricks for helping your sick babe? I’d love to hear!

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