May 16, 2019

What It Means To Be a Big Sister, From the Mouth of a Three Year Old Big Sister

Being a BIG sister is a BIG responsibility. Yes, I’m speaking from personal experience here…

I am the oldest of three. I have a younger brother and a younger sister. In my 30+ years experience as a big sister, I’ve learned you have many shoes to fill. Among many jobs, you are a role model, a leader, a teacher, a playmate and a best friend. Like I said, BIG responsibility.

baby playing with magnetic tiles

While she may not fully understand the responsibilities that come with being a big sister until she’s a bit older, at just three years old, our oldest daughter has completely embraced the role.

I recently sat down with her - a new big sister as of nine months ago, but also the leading expert on little sisters in our house (or so she thinks). Here’s what she had to say about being a big sister…

Mom: Morley, do you like being a big sister?
Morley: Ya.

Mom: What do you like about it?
Morley: *mumbles something from the living room*

Mom: You like little baby chins? (Honest, it’s what I thought she said.)
Morley: No, this little chubby baby. *said in baby voice while pinching sis’ cheeks*

Mom: Oh, you like the little chubby baby. Is she a good little sister?
Morley:  Ya! *continues pinching little sister’s cheeks*

Mom: What kind of things do you do as a big sister?
Morley: I play with her.

Mom: Do you help mommy, if I need it?
Morley: Ya.

A girl of few words.

Mom: How do you help? Do you help to get her diapers, and clothes? And share your toys?
Morley: Ya, but not my small dollies because she will put them in her mouth. 

Mom: Yes, she will. What other things do you do together?
Morley: We go to the park and on the swings. We take baths. I get her jammies and unzip her sleeping bag. I dress in princess dresses.

Mom: Oh ya, do you think one day she’ll want to wear princess dresses with you?
Morley: Ya, I’ll share my princess dresses. Right little bubbies??? *as she starts pinching her cheeks again*

Mom: Do you also teach her things?
Morley: Ya, we go fishing. (What?! No, they don’t.) I teach her ABCs and how to be gentle with the dogs. 

And then, she walks away. Conversation over.

So there you have it, straight from our three year old’s mouth - a very random conservation about what it means to be a big sister.

baby playing with magnetic tiles

But let’s go back to that whole sharing thing for a minute… 

She told me many times during our chat that she was good at sharing with her little sister. They share many things - my attention, their toys, germs AND their love of the same baby products. 

From the very beginning, we have been a Philips Avent family. Why? Because they are the #1 recommended brand of mother and childcare products worldwide, priding themselves on providing a full range of innovative products for baby and mom, from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, pacifiers and toddler cups. 

baby playing with magnetic tiles

Some of our favourites? 

When big sister was a baby, she was bottle fed using Philips Avent Natural bottles. The BPA-free bottles have an ergonomic shape for maximum comfort, making them easy to hold and grip in any direction. The ultra soft nipple more closely resembles the breast, making an easier transition from breast to bottle. They are simple to use and clean, with quick and easy assembly, which is important when you've got a hungry babe on your hands.

Then little sister came into our lives. Let’s just say she’s a bit fussier than big sister. With a fussy baby, we had to change up the way we did things, including the bottles we used. Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottles with Airfree Vent are designed to reduce colic, gas and reflux. The shape of the nipple allows a secure latch and stays full even when the bottle is horizontal, allowing baby to drink in an upright position so that they swallow less air as they drink.

Little sister also loves the NEW Philips Avent Soothie snuggle - the same great Soothie that many families and medical professionals know and trust, but with a soft, lightweight snuggly toy to help make babies feel secure. They’re also pretty darn cute.

baby playing with magnetic tiles

The relationship my little gals have is simply amazing. The way they look at each other, make each other laugh and talk to each other in their ‘secret’ language that only they can understand, has made my heart swell to a size I never knew was possible. Morley has fully embraced her new role and I couldn’t ask for a better role model, leader, teacher, playmate and best friend for her little sister.

Being a big sister, it’s one of the best jobs in the world. 

Are you the parent of multiples? What has amazed you the most about the relationship between your children? I’d love to hear!

*Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Philips Avent. I received products and/or compensation in exchange for this post. All opinions and advice shares are 100% that of To & Fro.

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