February 16, 2021

The Wonders of Wall Art: A Peek Inside Our Home

Wall art. While important to the character of our homes, sad to say, it's usually the last thing to check off our home decor lists, long after the final coat of paint has dried on the walls and all of the furniture has been perfectly arranged. 

Or... is that just my house?

Read on the learn the wonders of wall art, and take a glimpse inside our home. 

Moose Wall Art

We moved into our current home at the end of August 2019, and I can honestly say, the above stated is 100% the case for us. 

If you've followed along with us on Instagram, you would know that our house needed quite a bit of TLC to get it to the point it's at. I'm talking painting aaaallllllll of the dark trim white, replacing the main space flooring and white washing the faux brick wall to completely brighten up the space. And that's just for starters, we have a lot more plans in the works to make it feel more like home.

But until then, for the most part, our furniture is the way we want it and the walls are the colour we want them... BUT ours spaces do lack some character. There is nothing on the walls. 

When it comes to wall decor, I first thought thought that everything on the walls needed to be photographs - photographs from our travels, photographs of the girls, photographs of family and photographs of other special memories. But over time I've learned that it's important to also mix in some wall art - whether it be landscape photographs, paintings, kid art, etc. Wall art adds an instant colour palette, they are focal points and they are conversation pieces. Wall art is important. 

While no expert in the home decor realm, I have learned a thing or two about decorating and our likes and dislikes when it comes to making the space our own. (Maybe it has to do with the 10+ times Steve and I have moved over the course of the past decade - thank you, hockey life.)

Now that we are settled and where we want to be, we can start to make things a bit more permanent. And future projects aside, it's time to start hanging some art on those walls!

Now to talk about some of the wall art we have added to our house...

When choosing wall art, we usually gravitate to certain themes. As lovers of the outdoors, we like animals, landscape scenes, etc. Anything else is a bit outside of our comfort zones, but we're working on that. 

Watercolour Toronto Skyline Wall Art

I have been eyeing this colourful art print silhouette of the downtown Toronto skyline for some time, and knew it belonged in our home. With it, I paired the colourful silhouette of the Anchorage, Alaska skyline, another city that holds a very special place in our hearts. They now both hang in our upstairs hallway.

When shared on IG, I often receive many questions about this moose canvas art hanging above our bed. We were obviously attracted to the moose itself, but the green and blue hues also matched our master bedroom colour palette perfectly. While this piece was purchased at a well-know Canadian home retailer, I did also find it available for purchase on Fine Art America. When we purchased this art it was the only piece available, however on Fine Art America, you can choose whether you want the art print itself, it to be on canvas or even matted and framed. And the best part is that you can choose the size to fit your space.

Moose Wall Art

While we may gravitate towards places and spaces that speak to us (and follow our favourite blue and green colour palette), my daughters, on the other hand, gravitate towards one thing... pink. And these days, that's in the form of unicorns. 

When asking our four and a half year old what kind of art she wanted for her walls, she chose this watercolour unicorn art print, because "it looked like cotton candy". And while I very much miss the amazing mountain wall mural she once had painted in her room, I have grown to accept the pinks, purples and unicorns. I did however, try and sneak some type of woodland animal art into their room, in the form of this little girl riding a unicorn (approximately named the Rainbow Princess) with all of her forest friends. The little girl reminded me of my oldest daughter, so she liked that. 

Unicorn Wall Art for Girls Bedroom
Unicorn Wall Art for Girls Bedroom

So, while it may have taken us over a year to start hanging art on our walls, we're pretty happy with how adding those little extra touches has turn this house into OUR home. Now I've got the itch to start making some more of the major changes I was hinting at. Stay tuned. 

I'd love to hear - what type of wall art do you have in your home? What are your favourite pieces, and where do you find them?

*This post was sponsored by Fine Art America, however, all opinions are 100% that of To & Fro.


Importance of Wall Art in Home Decor

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