September 15, 2011

The Itchy Little Musk Ox

Spring is FINALLY here in AK!  The snow is melted, it’s getting warmer outside and the days are getting longer!  With spring also comes BABIES!! While you have already been introduced to one of the little babes at the Alaska Zoo, I HAVE to introduce you to one more.. the itchy little musk ox!  This little girl (yet to be officially named - naming her will be auctioned off at our yearly zoo fundraiser in June), was born April 25th at the Musk Ox farm in Palmer, AK, just north of Anchorage.  She made her way down to the zoo the next day and I have been in love ever since.  She is absolutely precious… a little angel.  While she is still in quarantine (standard procedure for animals new to the zoo and why we’re wearing blue coveralls in the pictures), I have been spending a little time with her every day to socialize her.  I am so excited to add her to my family of outreach animals! Last week she was moved outside into her own area, which she was absolutely thrilled about.  Running around, jumping and being clumsy.. like a little baby musk ox.  On Thursday Stephanie and I gave her a toy to play with (a hard plastic ball)… She was scared at first, but I have been told by other keepers that they have caught her playing with it.  I have become super attached to her and even after I’ve left work I catch myself wondering what she’s up to and excited to see her next.  I think I can say the same for her because she’s started following me everywhere when I’m hanging out with her.This week we will start harness training her so that I am able to take her on outreaches and so she can go for walks along the zoo trails.  Stay tuned for updates on that… should be interesting.  Check out the picture below of the little doll having lunch…


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