September 20, 2011


For those of you that have not had the opportunity to meet our friend Rocky the mouse, you're missing out.  Before you judge, know that he is not your average rodent.  In fact he is a very loving, outgoing and loyal mouse.  He is quite the character.  We got Rocky back in February when he, and his girlfriend Tofu (who lives with the zoo’s Volunteer Coordinator), were part of a zoo spring break camp all about rodents.  At the zoo we breed our own mice and feed them out to our birds and snakes.  Everybody’s gotta eat! Anyways, I could not stand the thought of him going back on death row at the zoo, so of course being the animal lover I am, took him home.  Steve, never having small animals as a child (what was wrong with him?!), was super excited and immediately took Rocky under his wing.  He researched how to train mice (how cute) and now thoroughly enjoys hanging out and watching tv with Rocky.  Rocky’s favorite past times include building escape tunnels with the gazillions of toilet paper rolls in his cage, running on his wheel (he’s a real fitness freak) and napping curled up on his Canadian flag (he has dual citizenship).  His favorite snacks include cheezeits, peanut butter and the odd sunflower seed.  We leave the cage door open for him to come out of his cage and explore but he can’t escape, it’s pretty much like he’s on Alcatraz.  Everybody loves Rocky. Here are some pictures of the little guy...

Photos  ©Marla Wales 2011


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