July 18, 2012

Kauai's Biggest Little Town

On the advice of a local, we took a spectacular drive to the west shore, from Poipu to Hanapepe Town, the art capital of Kauai.  Hanapepe, kind of fun to say, right?  Every Friday, Hanapepe comes alive and celebrates local artists who open the doors of their galleries and even line the main, and possibly only, street in the town with their art.  Everything from pottery to jewelry to photography. Amazing.

It's hard to believe this tiny gem of a town was once one of Kauai's largest towns, filled with soldiers during WWI.  The town hasn't changed must since, it's historic buildings are so authentic it has even been the location for some movies, including "Lilo and Stitch".  Except now the buildings are filled with little shops, local eateries and art galleries.

We took a walk on the "Hanapepe Swinging Bridge".  A little scary, and rickety, but an adventure and touristy thing to do.

As we walked from shop to shop, we stumbled upon this little courtyard concert and sat and listened for a good hour.  We like to think we blended in with the locals with our sun-kissed skin and hair. 

If this was a preview of what it's like to live on Kauai, sign me up!


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