July 22, 2013

What's in a Name?

Well, it happened.  I got that creative spark and over a couple of glasses of chardonnay on a hot summer's day, this little blog of mine got a much needed facelift. And since we said "goodbye for now" to Alaska in May (tear) and have temporarily moved back to Ontario for the summer, I figured it was time for a new name as well. 

Whether we are moving from one country to another, or from one house to another (since we don't yet have one to call our own, sigh), we are always moving to and fro, always landing us back at home base in the Toronto-ish area (hence the T.O.).  So I thought the name was only fitting, don't you agree? 

Don't worry, the blog address will stay the same, because let's face it, Alaska will always have a piece of my heart (and it would probably create mass confusion if I changed it).

Aside from my ramblings on here, if I haven't bored you half to death, you can also follow the adventure on,

So please, grab a glass (or bottle) of wine, kick back, relax and enjoy following our adventures to and fro!



  1. Love the new space!

    Did you know that you can change your URL (if you want to), and it will automatically redirect to intothealaskianwild.blogspot.com so that you don't lose readers? If you're interested and want help just shoot me a message =)


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