November 8, 2014

Recipe SEO Tips: How To Optimize Your Recipe Posts

I'm no SEO expert or foodie professional, but I do enjoy sharing recipes. I share them because I want others to enjoy them. But in order for that to happen, I must first optimize my recipe posts in order for others to find them online. 

Recipe structure is extremely important, not only for aesthetics, but also when it comes to search engines and the ability for others to find your recipe. Follow these 8 simple steps to create a well structured and SEO-friendly recipe post.

Recipe SEO Tips: How to Optimize Your Recipe Posts

Think hard about the post title. What would you search to find this recipe? For example, you have a recipe for lemon and zucchini muffins - titling your post "lemon and zucchini muffin recipe" would be much more SEO-friendly than "tasty muffins".

Make the first photo your finished product. This is the photo that most social media will display when the recipe link is added. Show off that delicious recipe! Place this photo after the title and intro, but before the ingredients.

Only one recipe per page. More than one recipe per page will not only make the post lengthy, but also harder to find. 

Create one ingredients list, but use labels to separate recipes. For example, if you sharing a cake recipe, create one list of ingredients, but separate the ingredients for the cake and for the icing using different labels. 

Create bulleted or numbered lists. Place all ingredients and directions on a separate line.

Use the words "ingredients" and "directions". Search engines will pick up on this.

Use other common recipe words. These include "prep time", "cook time", "serving size", "nutritional information" etc.

Add image titles and alt tags. Alt tags explain what the image shows and are great for your SEO. For example, you have a recipe for homemade salsa and have added alt tags that read "homemade salsa recipe". If someone does a Google image search for "homemade salsa recipe", your photos for that recipe are more likely to appear than if you left the alt tags empty. [For a quick alt tag tutorial, check this out.]

Do you have any additional recipe SEO tips?



  1. This post made me feel good as I've been doing these things. Great post with good tips.

  2. This is great! I'm always so confused about SEO and for the most part I just ignore it, which is probably not doing me any favours haha I'm so happy I popped over from Camila's post and happy to discover another Canadian blogger :)

  3. Great post....pinning this to refer back to. I need to learn more about SEO. Thanks!!

  4. I'm not into posting recipes but this is a super helpful guide for someone who is!

  5. Nice information, valuable and excellent design, as share good stuff with good ideas and concepts, lots of great information and inspiration, both of which I need, thanks to offer such a helpful information here.

  6. These tips are great, I wasn't using ingredients or directions, to add my spin to it, and I might actually be hurting myself!


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