June 26, 2015

5 Camping Activities

You've picked the site, you've got your gear and you've planned your menu. Next up? Planning the activities! Depending on where you will be camping, there are a number of camping activities you can take advantage of. Here are our 5 favourite camping activities.

Play games. Card games are perfect for camping and a deck of cards can be easily packed into any camping bag. Board games are also fun to pack, especially if you have a picnic table or other surface to play on. Some of our favourite games include Scrabble, when its just the two of us, and CatchPhrase, which is handheld and can be played around the campfire with a group of people.

Explore nature. Part of the excitement of camping is being closer to nature. Explore the great outdoors by grabbing your camera and going on a photo safari, creating a scavenger hunt and using the binoculars to view the wildlife. When exploring, it is important to always remember to keep a safe distance from wildlife and take only memories, leave only footprints.

Relax. One of the bet parts of camping is the escape of every day stress and busyness. Relax and let the rest of the world fade away by listening to nature, taking a nap, reading a book by the campfire, floating on the water and stargazing. 

Gather around the campfire. Sitting around the campfire is one of the most memorable parts of camping. There are plenty of activities to do around the fire both at night and during the day including, reading a book, cooking a good meal, making s’mores, singing campfire songs, playing a musical instrument and telling stories.

Get some exercise.  Get up and get moving. There are a ton of sports and physical activities that can be done while camping. For example, play bocci ball or horseshoes, cast a line or go for a hike, swim or paddle. 



  1. Love this and all your camping posts this month. Just want to go right now! (Camping in dangerous in Ireland just sounds dangerous. There are no snakes, poisonous spiders, or large animals of any kind. But it never seems to stop raining... haha)

  2. I love being active when I go camping! Hiking, kayaking, swimming...it's all great!

  3. I haven't been camping yet - I love going camping though but next time we go I really do want to make sure that we get a canoe as I think our dog is old enough to not capsize it now!

  4. Camping is my fav holiday! I go at least once a year! Love that connection with nature! Here I have some free printable campfire games! http://debsbug.blogspot.gr/2015/06/out-of-movie-scene-free-spirit.html :)

  5. Scrabble is great. I love just hanging out by the campfire too.


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