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Things end, but memories last forever. Like this summer. Can you believe its already the end of August? I know, I don't want to believe it either. Pretty soon all of the kids will be back in school, the tourists will have flocked home and the leaves will begin to change. At least we'll always have the memories of Summer 2015...

Summer 2015 brought lots of family time. I got to see my sister a record two times in 3 months! Before May, I hadn't seen her since August 2014, so I was in need of some little sister time. 

Summer 2015 brought our annual camping trip to Algonquin Provincial Park. Last year's canoe-in camping trip was such as success, that we decided to add a couple members of the family and do it again. 

And last, but definitely not least, Summer 2015 brought the end to the suspense - our 'mystery family trip' destination was revealed. We spent 10 fantastic days touring Rome, Napoli and the Amalfi Coast. [More to come on this adventure in the coming weeks.]

What is your favourite memory of summer 2015?

Let's see what memories T.O. & fro's Small Town sponsors created this summer...

What is your favourite memory of summer 2015?
I have so many great summer moments, but definitely loved all of my visits to Lake Coeur D'Alene in Idaho. It is beautiful out there!

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What is your favourite memory of summer 2015?
My two + week roadtrip with my family. We drove out to California and southern Oregon, stopping at several national and state parks along the way as well as knocking out a number of things on all of our bucket lists.

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