February 22, 2016

You Asked, I Answered

you asked, I answered blog series

Thanks to everyone that submitted a question in my 'Ask Me Anything' series! Do you want to know something about the girl behind T.O. & fro? There's still time - check out the form below!

Here are today's answers...

Jennifer Anne from Jennifer Anne asked, 

Being married to a professional hockey player sounds like it must have been an exciting and glamorous chapter in your life (one that not many people can relate to)! But I'm sure it must have had its tough times. What were some of the hardest parts or unexpected trials that came with a "hockey life"? 

I won't lie, the hockey chapter was definitely a lot of fun - we got to meet many amazing people, see incredible places and most importantly, my husband got paid to do what he loved. However, there were definitely some tough times through it all. For starters, the first 5 years of our relationship were long distance. In university and grad school, I spent many weekends in the car or on an airplane, traveling to and fro. We often went months without seeing each other. 

I still enjoy telling the story about the time I was traveling down to visit him in Florida. I was just about to head to the airport when I heard the news that he got called up to a team in New York. I couldn't have been happier, that's what every professional hockey player strives for! The down fall was that at the same time I was flying south down to Florida, he would be flying north to New York. Luckily things worked out in the end. While we didn't get to see each other that week, his sister was down in Florida visiting also, so I got to spend some time with her. He ended up staying with the team in New York for the remainder of the season, so I made the 8 hour road trip a few weeks later to visit.  

The "hockey life" definitely taught me a lot of things, including patience and understanding.  I also believe that despite the long distance, it brought us closer and made our relationship stronger. Sure we were tested, but in the end, everything happens for a reason. 

Jenn from Lost in the Right Direction asked, 

If you were given the choice to move back to Alaska right now, would you do it, or stay where you are?

This is a really tough question, with a long-winded answer. I think we would both agree that if given the opportunity, we would still be living in Alaska. However, the fact that we're both Canadian and Steve was wrapping up his hockey career at the time we moved back, made staying a bit more complicated. I'd like to think that we would move back in a heart back, and I definitely have my days where I want nothing more to escape the concrete jungle of Toronto for the mountain air, but at the same time, Alaska is very far from home. Now that we are starting a family of our own, I don't think it would be fair to our families to move away, or at least that far, right now. The good news is, we can always go back to visit, and even have a trip planned this summer. Since Alaska has such a big influence on our lives, it is a place we definitely want our kids to experience. 

What made you want to go into Marine Biology? Was there a specific event or is it just something you've always wanted to do?

I grew up on Lake Huron, and from a young age was drawn to the outdoors, especially the water. The thought of exploring below the surface always peaked my curiosity. I was that kid, where from a young age said I was going to be a Marine Biologist. I always pictured myself down south, in the warm water of the tropics. However, during my time in university, I realized that I was also not cut out for field or lab work, which is what Marine Biologists do. I more enjoyed the flip side of things, educating and inspiring others to care for our natural world. And so that's what I ran with, and where I am today. And as a side note, never in a million years did I think the tables would turn and I'd fall in love with the Arctic. 

Thanks for your questions ladies! 

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