February 19, 2016

Come On Baby: 35 Weeks

How far along? 35 weeks.

Due date? Originally March 25, 2016, but doc thinks baby will be making an early appearance. 

Baby’s size? From here on out, baby won't get much longer and is just about his/her birth length at 20 inches. But at 5.5 lbs, still has a bit of weight to gain. Long and gangly, truly 'Awk Ward'.

What’s baby up to this week? Plumpin' up and getting ready to meet the world. Hearing is fully developed, and his/her brain continues to grow.

Gender? Time will tell. 

Names? We've got our top contenders for both boy and girl, but they're being kept under lock and key.

Movement? Space is definitely getting tight in there - the rolls have turned into more defined punches and kicks. It's been interesting to feel baby settle in to his/her own sleeping routine. Baby starts moving around 5:45am (15 minutes before my alarm, how convenient), mid-day around 11:00am and then again right before bed at 9:30pm (again, how convenient). Hiccups occur about 5 times a day, which are still a weird feeling that I could do without. Thankfully, those hiccups reassure me that baby is head down and has been for some time. 

Maternity clothes? There's a few shirts I can still squeeze myself into, but for the most part, it's all maternity. I've been struggling to find an outfit my upcoming shower. Maternity clothes are not cheap and I have a hard time wrapping my head around shelling out the money for a new outfit I may only wear once. 

Symptoms? The word tired cannot be used in this case - I would go more with exhausted, and feel like I can fall asleep anywhere at any time. Insomnia, heart burn, sausage fingers, shortness of breath and general achiness are really fun. 

Sleep? Not enough. 

Aversions/cravings? Still can't do chicken. My salty cravings have flipped to sweet - chocolate is no longer safe and often causes fights in our house. 

How's daddy? Dad has been amazing (when he's not upset that I ate his chocolate) - cleaning the house, helping me put my socks and shoes on and grabbing a drink or snack if I need one, to name a few.

Miss anything? Sleep. And a glass of red wine. 

Looking forward to? Saying adios to public transit and being able to drive to work for my last few weeks, showering Baby Wardo with love in a few weekends and of course, meeting the little nugget in a few short weeks.  

Thing I want to remember? 
Buying diapers. Doc told us to get our hospital bag packed, which means I had to go out and buy diapers. Pretty sure I looked like a deer caught in headlights standing in the diaper aisle. Too many options, and man, diapers are expensive! 

My surprise work baby shower. My coworkers completely surprised me with a baby shower yesterday. I had no idea, and thought that I was going into a meeting about lion fish in the Caribbean.  I have very convincing coworkers, and I won't lie, was kind of excited about the meeting. But a baby shower was SO MUCH better! Baby Wardo is so spoiled. 

These boots. These have been my go-to boots because they zip up and are easy on, easy off. That is, until the zipper fails and you waste all of your energy trying to get it unstuck that you just end up cutting them off. I did, for a small minute, contemplate keeping them on until Steve got home from work at 11pm, but then I remembered I needed to shower. Tear. 

My husband's 30th birthday party. Planning a big party at 34 weeks pregnant was not an easy feat, but I must say, the Lumberjack Bash was a success! Glad we could celebrate before the tiny human steals his thunder. 

Come on baby!
From the looks of this closet, you'd think we were having a boy. I've been drawn to the animal-themedclothes, and sadly, those are mostly boys' clothes. Nothing wrong with a little girl wearing blue.

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