May 4, 2016

Top 3 Travel Destinations

In the fall, we took advantage of the cheap flights and booked a trip back to the land of the midnight sun, Alaska. We couldn't wait to introduce the little one to our friends and the place that we love.  A lot of thought went into the flights we chose, right down to the length of the layover. We were so excited.

Rewind to a few weeks ago when I got a call from Expedia. Turns out, American Airlines cancelled their early morning Toronto to Chicago flights, and they wanted to reroute us through Dallas. Toronto to Dallas, Dallas to Anchorage, with a one hour layover in between. Seriously? A 12+ hour travel day with a 3 month old just didn't seem appealing the more thought we put into it, and sadly, we had to cancel our trip (luckily with a full refund from AA). After much consideration, its probably for the best. We will try again next summer, when she'll be almost 18 months old, be able to play with our friends' kids and actually enjoy herself. 

So, since we no longer have any BIG travel plans this summer, I'm reminiscing of past trips and sharing my recent top 3 travel destinations...

Homer, Alaska. Known as the "halibut fishing capital of the world", we have visited Homer a few times on fishing trips out on Kachemak Bay. Our most recent a few summers ago, when we didn't have any luck with the halibut, but enjoyed the view and visiting a friends' oyster farmSituated on the shore of Kachemak Bay (about 4 hours south of Anchorage)Homer's most distinguishing feature is the Homer Spit - a narrow 7.2 km long gravel bar that extends into the bay and houses the harbour, many restaurants, small shops and an inn. Always fun to explore. Mountains and water, I'm in love.

Homer, Alaska

Seattle, Washington. A few summers ago, we stopped in Seattle for 4 days on our way back from Alaska. If you're into playing tourist, I highly recommend buying the CityPASS, which allowed us to tour all of the popular tour destinations - from the Seattle Aquarium to a scenic harbour cruise. With its location right on the water, access to fresh seafood and selection of craft beers, we instantly fell in love with the city and would go back in a heart beat.

Seattle, Washington

Washington, DC. Washington was a city that surprised me. For a long time, I had no desire to visit, until I got there. As a Canadian that lived in the US for 3 years, experiencing an election while living there and a lover of House of Cards, I found it fascinating to explore the monuments and historical landmarks that I had only read or heard about in books or on TV. If you plan on visiting the city, I recommend taking a hop on-hop off narrative bus tour, which will allow you to visit the sights at your own pace.  

Washington, DC

And because I can't pick just 3...

Rome, Italy. Our surprise family vacation last summer took us to Rome, Italy. Despite the heat and mass amounts of tourists, Rome climbed high on my list. There are so many sights to see that it was hard to fit everything in to just a few days. And the food... pizza, pasta, antipasto and wine galore. The food is to die for!

Rome, Italy

What are your favourite travel destinations?

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