August 12, 2016

Baby Product Fails

I've shared those baby products that I've been loving lately, and now, I think it's only fair that I also share the ones that didn't make the cut. We'll call them the baby product 'fails'.

I really wanted to love each and every one of these products, because well, they're designed to make life easier with a busy, hungry and growing babe. Sadly, that was not the case. Here's why...

5 Baby Products I Wouldn't Recommend

5 Baby Products I Wouldn't Recommend

1. Summer Infant Baby Touch 3.5" WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System
I have to admit, with a $300(ish) price tag, I was a little hesitant about this product before even leaving the store. The fancy thing about this monitor is that you can hook it up to wifi, download an app on your phone (Apple and Android compatible) and view it remotely. While the thought of my husband checking the monitor on his phone at work initially creeped me out, it also intrigued me. Technology has come a long way since we were little. From the moment we took it out of the box, we had issues with this monitor. At first hook up, the screen was not as clear as we would have liked it.  Then came trying to hook it up to our wifi network. Since it needs a secure internet connection, we spent time on the phone with both Summer and our internet provider trying to reconfigure our router. After all that, the app we had to download onto our phones didn't work. And despite returning the monitor, to this day our home internet just isn't the same.

Reason for fail: was not able to hook up to wifi properly + messed up home wifi connection

2. Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper
When buying a jumper for Morley, I originally opted for this one because we have a Baby Einstein play mat that she loves. My husband barely had the jumper together and one of the attachments (intended for baby to grab) broke off. For a product that cost around $150(ish), that was pretty disappointing and definitely not something that I would want to give my baby to play with.

Reason for fail: not safe for baby!

3. The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer
While it sounds like a great idea, having a bottle warmer takes up prime kitchen counter real estate. I found that when I did use this particular bottle warmer, it wasn't consistent in heating the milk, and definitely did not evenly heat the milk. The outside of the bottle was always extremely hot to the touch, and the milk inside, not so much. Before giving the bottle to baby, I would always run it under cold water to cool down the nipple so it didn't burn baby's mouth. Extremely counter-productive if you ask me. Turns out, good old-fashioned warm water from the tap is one of the best ways to warm up a bottle to the perfect temperature, for both you and baby's liking.

Reason for fail: takes up counter space + uneven heating

4. Philips AVENT 6 oz Breast Milk Storage Bags (25 count)
I use the AVENT breast pump, pacifier and natural bottles, so I thought I would also try the AVENT breast milk storage bags. This product was a huge disappointment, and thanks to those postpartum hormones, made me extremely upset. Why? They spoiled my milk. In the first few weeks I had an over supply and was able to freeze a few days' worth of breast milk for Morley. Less than two months later when I went to use the milk, I noticed it smelt funny. All bags had spoiled and I was heart broken. I had followed the storage instructions to a tee so this didn't happen. The funny thing is, I was warned from a relative that certain brands will cause spoilage. I guess I just didn't want to believe it because I've had such success with other AVENT products. Hard lesson learned.

Reason for fail: spoiled breast milk

5. KidCo PeaPod
When we decided to go and visit my sister in Edmonton this summer, I started researching baby sleeping options. We knew that we didn't want to bring the pack and play because it meant just one more thing that we would have to check at the airport, and the potential for it to get lost or damaged. The reviews for the KidCo PeaPod were positive and aside from its intended use outdoors, many moms said they also used it as a travel bed option. With its UV protection qualities, I thought we could also use it at the beach this summer. I'm so glad that a friend in Edmonton lent us their pack and play instead, because if we had attempted to use PeaPod as a bed, no sleep would have taken place. It was her own personal tent and Morley was not a fan of being closed in.

Reason for fail: baby did not like being closed in

I should throw out a disclaimer - just because these products didn't work to our satisfaction, doesn't mean they won't fit the needs of your family. Except the jumper, because that's just unsafe. And the milk bags, because they will cause you to cry over spoiled milk.

There are some great products out there that we absolutely love! Check out the ones that I've been loving lately: 1 month  |  2 months  |  4 months

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What are some of your favourite baby products? Which ones didn't make the cut?

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