January 4, 2017

To & Fro's 2016 in Review + Reader Survey

Wow, 2017! It seems like just yesterday the 13 year old me was sitting in front of the tv at my girlfriend's house, watching the ball drop in NYC and waiting for the world to end because of Y2K. Ha, Y2K! How far we've come.

The other day, I took a look back at my personal favourite moments of 2016. Man, it was a good year for my family and I.  

You know who also had a good year? This little web space of mine. I was able to continue growing To & Fro's community on social and in readership, stepped out of my comfort zone by sharing a post on my personal Facebook and continued monetizing To & Fro through exciting brand collaborations and reviews, among many other accomplishments. And now that this blog is no longer about our Alaskan adventures (tear), I think I've started to find my place in the blogging world, as somewhere to share my love of family and the outdoors. 

To & Fro's 2016 in Review + Reader Survey

I love taking a look at which posts are a hit among readers, and this year's "best of" is a diverse mix - everything from recipes to travel and tutorials, and even some on the more personal side. 

Here are 5 of To & Fro's "best of 2016"

How to Take Silhouette Maternity Photos 

One of my personal favourite posts of 2016! While I love photos commemorating special moments, I don't like paying for them. So when I wanted maternity photos, I decided to set up the tripod and take my own with this silhouette maternity photo tutorial. This post took me completely by surprise, as it has organically been pinned and shared on social over 2000 times!

How to Take Silhouette Maternity Photos - Tutorial
Taken at 39 weeks - days from meeting baby

Winter Vehicle Maintenance Checklist 

Having a vehicle that is prepared for the winter weather is extremely important, especially with precious cargo on board.  This collaboration with FRAM Fresh Breeze Air Filters gave us the opportunity to share our winter vehicle maintenance checklist for the cold Canadian winter and show readers how easy it is to change your own air filters!

Slow Cooker Pork Taco Bowls 

We love good food, and Mexican food is a staple in our house. This collaboration with OLD EL PASO had us creating my favourite slow cooker pulled pork taco, but in bowl form! Safe to say they were a hit with my family and To & Fro's readers.

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Taco Bowls Recipe
Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Taco Bowls

Family-Friendly Indoor Destinations in Toronto 

While I would much prefer to be outside with the little one, sometimes the indoors calls. Like now that the weather is getting colder. We shared our five favourite family-friendly indoor destinations to visit in Toronto, perfect for those that call the city home or those just passing through.

Footprint Mug DIY 

A great tutorial for the coffee or tea drinker in your life, and a great way to remember how teeny tiny baby's feet once were (tear).  This tutorial was used as a Mother's Day gift, and was a hit with both of our moms and To & Fro's readers. This tutorial is super easy and inexpensive, and can easily be applied to other dish ware as well, such as plates and wine glasses.

Life Lately

If this announcement of ours didn't make the 'best of' list, I think I would have been a little disappointed. Easily the best part of my year, and the 29 before that.

Morley at 5 months old
Morley at 5 months old

I look forward to To & Fro's continued success in 2017, but of course I couldn't do it with YOU, my loyal readers! A BIG thank you to everyone that has made it possible.

In conclusion of 2016 and looking ahead to 2017, I'd love your feedback! This past year was a great one for To & Fro, but your feedback is what is important for its continued success. The survey below should take only 5 minutes of your time, and all responses will remain anonymous.  Thanks in advance for your help.


Goodbye 2016, hello 2017. Bring it on!

How was your 2016? What was your favourite To & Fro post of 2016? I'd love to hear!

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