January 24, 2017

Cabin Fever Cures for Tiny Tots

While I would much prefer to be outside with the little one, sometimes the indoors calls. Like during the cold, dark months of winter.  Or, as it has been lately, the rainy days of winter.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that during the winter months, I often feel trapped. And when we're trapped inside, both Morley and I tend to both go a bit loopy. Cabin fever is real my friends, even at just 10 months old. 

Luckily, we can escape it and create a totally enjoyable time indoors for the both of us.

Beat the Boredom with these Infant and Toddler Cabin Fever Cures

From baby to toddler, little ones are entertained by the simplest things and don't need some fancy, expensive toy or gadget to keep them occupied.

Today, I am collaborating with my friend Kate from Emmett's ABCs to bring you our favourite indoor activities to help cure cabin fever. 

Check out my three favourite boredom busters to keep the little one occupied and myself sane during the winter months:

Cabin Fever Boredom Busters for Your Little One

Make a Mess with Baby-Safe Paint

Painting is such a fun activity for young children. Not only does it allow them to express their creativity (yes, even at 7 months old), but it’s also fun! Sure, it can make a mess, which can equal stress for us adults. But for baby, messy is good. Messy play stimulates the senses, allowing baby to explore different colours and textures. It also helps develop hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills. What may look like a mess to you, is actually a learning experience for your child. So, roll up your sleeves and have some fun!

Check out this recipe for baby-safe paint, made with ingredients found in your kitchen.

Important notes: Any finger paint that you use for young children must be non-toxic by mouth and non-irritating to the skin.  If your child is allergic or intolerant to any food substances in this recipe, please do not use this paint. These paints are not to be eaten, but if tasted, are safe for baby. And I promise you, there will be tasting. Please do not leave your child unattended while doing this activity.

Get Active with a Dance Party

There really is nothing cuter than a little one shaking their booty. So why not let out that extra energy with a dance party? There are so many different play lists that are great for a baby/toddler dance party, just make sure to pick something with a good beat. Language appropriate lyrics are also important for the babe that is soaking in everything and anything going on around them. Our favourite playlist on Google Play Music is Disney Sing-a-Long, Morley loves the upbeat music, the songs are family-friendly and it brings back some good memories from mom's childhood. (Side note, isn't it crazy how you can remember every single lyric from a song you used to sing almost twenty years ago?!). Occasionally we'll also throw on some Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake or Rihanna to switch things ups.

On the flip side, listening to certain music can also help baby calm down. We love listening to Johnny Cash and similar more mellow play lists when it's nap time.

Build a Felt Sensory Wall

This past Christmas, I made Morley her own felt Christmas tree with ornaments that she could rip off and put back on, in hopes that she would stay from the real decorations. Safe to day, it was a hit! You can create a felt sensory wall regardless of the time of year, and they don't need to be fancy! A sensory wall not only helps to develop their fine motor skills by adding and removing pieces, it can also help baby learn numbers, shapes, colours and patterns!

This tutorial is super easy, and require minimum materials.

For more ways to beat cabin fever with your little one, check out these ideas from my friend Kate and her son Emmett over at Emmett's ABCs.

What are you tips for beating cabin fever? I'd love to hear!

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