November 30, 2015

Days of the Month: December

December days of the month

Another month, another 31 days worth of celebrations! Here are December's days of the month and more fun blog post ideas, for those days when the creativity is lacking...

  1. National Pie Day - Share your favourite pie recipe.
  2. National Mutt Day - Do you have a dog? Introduce your readers to your furry friend.
  3. Roof Over Your Head Day - Give your readers a tour of "your space".
  4. World Wildlife Conservation Day - What is your favourite animal?
  5. World Soil Day - Share your favourite outdoor activity.
  6. National Microwave Oven Day - Share a quick and easy dinner recipe.
  7. Letter Writing Day - Write a letter to your younger and future self.
  8. Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day -If you could time travel, where would you go?
  9. National Pastry Day - What is your favourite sweet treat?
  10. Nobel Prize Day - Have you ever invented something? Share with your readers. 
  11. International Mountain Day - Share your favourite landscape photo.
  12. Gingerbread House Day - What is your favourite holiday tradition?
  13. National Cocoa Day - Share your favourite holiday beverage. 
  14. Monkey Day - Monkey see, monkey do. Teach your readers something new!
  15. Cat Herders Day - Do you have a cat? Introduce your readers to your furry friend.
  16. Chocolate Covered Anything Day -What is your favourite chocolate recipe?
  17. Re-Gifting Day - Share a tutorial for a repurposed or handmade gift. 
  18. Bake Cookies Day - Share your favourite holiday cookie recipe.
  19. Look for an Evergreen Day - Share your Christmas tree and the story behind your ornaments.
  20. Games Day - What is your favourite board game, and why?
  21. Short Story Day - What inspires you to write? 
  22. Forefather's Day - Share your family history. 
  23. Roots Day - Have you researched your family tree? Was there anything that surprised you?
  24. Egg Nog Day - Share your favourite holiday beverage. 
  25. Christmas Day - Take the day off from blogging and spend time with your loved ones.
  26. Thank You Note Day - Share your tips for writing the perfect thank you note.
  27. Visit the Zoo Day - Have you visited a Zoo lately? Share your favourite photos!
  28. National Chocolate Candy Day - Share your favourite chocolate recipe.
  29. Tick Tock Day - Share a day in the life of you!
  30. Bacon Day - What is your perfect breakfast?
  31. Make Up Your Mind Day - Share your New Years' resolutions!
December is...
Safe Toys and Gifts Month - What were your favourite toys as a child?
National Write A Business Plan Month - Starting a small business? Write your business plan.
Tomato and Winter Squash Month - What is your favourite winter-inspired recipe?

This is just a small sampling of the many interesting and fun days celebrated in the month of December.  I hope you enjoy this feature, and that it brings your some inspiration when the creative juices just aren't flowing this month!

Happy December!

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What will you celebrate this month?

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